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After years of clinical research on natural male enhancement, Irexis was formulated with clinically proven ingredients. We invest more in the product, NOT the marketing, so you get a better product. Irexis is so sure about our results; we back every pill we sell with our amazing 90 day 100% money back guarantee.

Irexis' active ingredients of rare herbs have been carefully chosen to promote; increased blood flow to the penis, stimulate sexual desire, increase size and erections.

Irexis contains fresh, quality ingredients manufactured with cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) guidelines. Results are reliable and consistent, so you can always count on Irexis time and time again.

Irexis’ active and potent ingredients include:

Yohimbe Extract regarded by many as a powerful, natural male enhancement stimulant, is used to enhance the erection, and increase libido. Research has shown it to be effective in increasing penile blood flow.
Maca is a required ingredient for effective male enhancement formulas due to its many favorable properties. It is utilized for its enhancement of a stiffer, more erect penis. Studies have also shown that Maca is essential for increasing the volume of semen, the mobility of sperm, and even the production of sperm. Clinical testing and trials have revealed that Maca has positive effects on mood and energy, and even sexual desire has shown improvement.
You would have to go to Brazil to find fresher Catuaba Bark Extract than we use in our production. This well-known ingredient is included because it has been shown to enhance sexual activity and desire, and when used in concert with Muira Puama, it can actually nourish a man’s sexual organs. For generations, Brazilian tribes have utilized this “innocent” aphrodisiac which has no reported negative side effects.
The other half of the Brazilian Tag Team, Muira Puama is essentially an effective sexual tonic manufactured from the lush trees that grow down the Amazon River basin. For generations, it has had its place in Brazilian sexual enhancing formulas due to its propensity to enhance erections.
Every male enhancement formula should be required to contain Tribulus Terrestris in its production. This plant can be located in zones throughout the world and studies have shown that it aids in testosterone enhancement in men. It is also included because it can help increase a man’s potency and virility.
We utilize a whole herb extract of Korean Red Ginseng which has been shown in studies to aid a man’s vitality and energy production, which are both vital to his overall sexual health. It is also included because of its ability to allow those who take it to enjoy (and maintain) erections when taken as directed.
Pepitas, a.k.a. pumpkin seeds are getting a lot of press for their usefulness in strengthening the prostate and also for its promotion of certain vital male hormones. There is an amino acid in the pepita, Myosin, which is vital to body’s regulation of muscular contractions.
For growth and health of the reproductive organs, you should look no further than the essential mineral Zinc. IT is also widely respected for its help in regulating prostate gland function and sperm motility.
L-Arginine the body also uses arginine to make nitric oxide (NO), a substance that relaxes blood vessels. Studies suggest that arginine might be helpful for the treatment of erectile concerns and sexual dysfunction. nitric oxide (NO) plays a role in the development of an erection, some even refer to L-arginine as the "natural Viagra."