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Irexis and the Enviroment

Our Irexis Manufacturing Plant - Assuring a More Sustainable Future

At Irexis, we believe that having a harder longer penis is important but so is the environment. The manufacturing facility where we produce Irexis has made that commitment.

The boxes that Irexis comes in are now made 100% from recycled content. Waste materials as well as paper and wood products are recycled saving thousands of trees each and every year. The lab and GMP facility that makes Irexis has motion detectors that save hundreds of thousands of kilowatt hours every year.

But wait there’s more. The 300,000 sq. foot facility has launched a solar panel program as well, at the corporate headquarters facility located in the greater New York Metro area. It gets cold here but the sun shines through and that energy saves the environment.

Irexis believes in a larger penis but a smaller carbon footprint. We hope you agree. Shop with Irexis, leave an impression on your partner, not on the environment.