Wondering if something about your sex life is NOT normal? Are you looking for ways to improve and enhance enjoyment of sex? True or False do you worry about your sex appeal…take a look at top fears and insecurities men often contemplate:


Chest hair – Good or Bad? Many male models have bare chests and barely a body hair on their bodies.  Yet many women actually prefer a manly chest of hair, finding a hairy chest much more sexy than hairless bodies.


Penis Size Matters To Women – in actuality, according to one survey, only 1% of women claim penis length is “very important” and only 20% even rate nit “important” at all. In the same survey, only about a third of the women found penis girth to be “important”.


A Woman’s Sexual Satisfaction Depends On Her Orgasm. Studies indicate that most women fail to even mention orgasm when revealing their sexual satisfaction.  Instead women are seeking feeling loved, passionate, happy, aroused, erotic and having a connection to their partner.


Condoms Make Sex Less Enjoyable.  FASLSE – in a major sex survey people claimed having sex while using condoms was just as positive as having sex without them.  The condoms did not affect whether they had an orgasm.


How Long It Takes To Climax. – Accorfing to a survey of 500 couples, men typically take 5 minutes to reach orgasm.


Erection Trouble. – Many erection problems are linked to age, and are considered a normal issue with aging. In one study 52% of all men suffer erection issues at some point. While some erection problems are linked to health problems such as diabetes and heart disease, other issues may be resolved by managing stress, emotional well-being , sleep and controlling alcohol intake and diet.


For many men, a daily dietary male enhancement supplement may be the solution for aiding blood flow, enhancing libido and boosting endurance.