Keeping your relationship fresh and exciting doesn’t require lots of money or even vast amounts of time.  Paying attention to little details and spending just minutes a day can help to keep you love life exciting and fresh. Here are some tips for reinvigorating your love life:


  1. E-cards.  Sending a love letter through an e-card is not only a heartwarming gesture but generally free and will put a smile on your partners face.  It shows you care and are thinking about her every day providing an emotional lift to your relationship.

  2. Hug and Kisses.  Never under estimate the power of touch. A gentle kiss or even just holding hands keeps a close connection between you and your partner.

  3. Plan a date night. Having a night to get a bit dressed up and spend special time together rejuvenates the feelings of your first date. Set the stage as if you are trying to “impress” her the way you did at the beginning of the relationship.  Even just going bowling or to a movie, depending on your budget, planning a date night brings anticipation and excitement.   

  4. Lavish praise.  Complimenting your partner on her cooking, her outfit, or any of the little things she does for you, that you often take for granted, will show your appreciation and be a high point in her day.

  5. Learn Something New Together. Sign up for a class on any activity that you both would enjoy doing together.  Try art, cooking, dance or tennis. Find something that can be a “first” for the two of you for a new interest the two of you can enjoy together.

  6. Be passionate about Life.  Start by keeping yourself “young at heart." It is much easier to keep a relationship young when you exude that aura yourself.

  7. Make Love. Take time to “make love” rather than just have sex. Intimacy makes sex much more genuine, gratifying and fulfilling. Taking a natural male enhancement pill to boost sexual desire will keep you in the mood for sex, and then take the time to feed the passion with affection, compliments and intimacy.