There are a wide variety of activities that may constitute sex and depending on whether you are 18 or 68 may change the definition of what sex is. All ages may agree that vaginal intercourse is in fact sex, (even though 5.2% don't count it as having sex) however, according to researchers there are more than 40 combinations of sexual activity that may be considered “having sex”.


So if someone doesn’t count penis-vagina intercourse as sex – then pardon me but what the hell do you count? Researchers at Indiana surveyed hundreds of heterosexual adults, male and female, from ages 18 to 96, and asked them if various sexual activities denoted "having sex."


Here Are Some Shocking Findings Or What Some Adults Do Not Count As Sex:

  1. Regular, penis-vagina sex - 5.2%

  2. Just the tip - 5.6%

  3. Penis-vagina sex, with a condom - 6.7%

  4. Penis-vagina sex, with no male orgasm - 10.9%

  5. Penis-vagina sex, with no female orgasm - 7.3%

  6. Anal sex, with a condom - 18%

  7. Anal sex (no caveats) - 19.1%

    Along the same lines:


  • 18.2 percent think anal just the tip doesn't count

  • 18.9 percent think anal shouldn't count without a female orgasm

  • 20.5 percent think anal doesn't count without a male orgasm


  1. Receiving oral sex - 27.1%

  2. Performing oral sex - 29%

  3. Receiving manual stimulation - 51.9%

  4. Performing manual stimulation - 55.1%


When you throw age and gender into the findings it paints a more thorough picture.

  • Regular, penis-vagina sex: Surprisingly men 65 and up, 22.7 percent said penis-vagina sex doesn't count as sex.


  • Just the tip: 5.5 percent of men and 5.8 percent of women said it doesn't count -- not a big difference.


  • Penis-vagina sex, with a condom: Even though the entire act of putting on a condom to “protect oneself from sex”, still one out of 15 people just doesn't count it as sex.


  • Penis-vagina sex, with no male orgasm: Again, it is the old-school 65-and-older men with 36.4 percent of them saying it's not sex until they've finished things off.


  • Penis-vagina sex, with no female orgasm: Partnered women in all age groups are significantly more likely to report recent vaginal intercourse, although I guess if there is no orgasm it doesn’t count???


  • Anal sex, with a condom and Anal sex (no caveats): Not that is makes any sense but with anal sex, more people think it counts as "having sex" if it's protected as opposed to unprotected. Fifty percent of the men 65+ said that anal sex doesn't count as having sex... but so did 33.3 of the women in that age range.


  • Receiving oral sex and Performing oral sex: For men 18 to 29, 60 percent say receiving oral sex doesn't count as sex. For women in that age range, it's 32.3 percent.


  • Receiving manual stimulation: Generational gaps appear for this one, with 18-to-29-year-olds scarcely considering this as having sex. To break it down by gender: 83.3 percent of young men and 67.7 of young women say this isn’t "having sex." For other age ranges, the numbers are closer to the 50-50 range.


  • Performing manual stimulation: Apparently a hand job just isn’t considered having sex to most adults.


No matter what your definition of sex is – make sure to do it safely.