According to 51% of adults over age 45%, they are satisfied with their sex lives.  Experts say older people’s sex lives benefit from more experience and sexual confidence. In addition, they enjoy relationships that have matured to a greater level of trust and intimacy.  This is good news. 


But now we have to wonder about that other 49%?  They may need some help in the love-life department. As men and women age, their desire for sex usually decreases. However, women are two to three times more likely than men to see their sex drive decline. Lower hormones are to blame for many older adults for some of these changes.


Even though it may take an older person longer to become aroused, about 35% of men over the age of 50 say they have sex a few times a month or more. Nearly 64% of older adults say treatments for sexual problems have improved their sex life. This includes usage of natural male enhancement pills. Couples can benefit when a man uses a male enhancer. About half the people with a regular partner said treatments for sexual problems had a good effect on their relationship. Frequent sex has even been shown to be heart healthy. Studies from one British study found that overall, frequent sexual intercourse offers some protection from heart attack.


If you are a man suffering from some form of sexual dysfunction, you are not alone. Nearly 75% of men have had erectile dysfunction at some point by the time they're 70. Unless you have serious health issues like high blood pressure or diabetes, a natural male enhancement pill may be just the help you need.


Not all natural male enhancers are equal. Look for one made in a GMP laboratory with clinically tested ingredients. The yohimbe tree is the source for yohimbine, a chemical that has been used in traditional herbal medicines for sexual arousal and dysfunction. Of all the popular natural male enhancement pill ingredients, yohimbe will deliver results.


So if you’re a man 40 plus suffering from some sexual problems, it’s worth your time to try a male enhancer to help correct the issue. It’s a fact that older men are more likely to be sexually active than their female counterparts. One reason is that men are more likely than women to have a partner in later life.  Try the top rated male enhancement pill formulated with yohimbe and improve your sex life today.